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Monday, October 23, 2006

Don’t Let Your Children Grow Up to be Computer Scientists

This is an emerging opinion among computer professionals. Why?

  1. Biotechnology is the next big thing.
  2. Foreign students are swarming into computer science. Enough of them are better than US students that they will drive down the price of computer-savvy talent.
  3. Computer science remains a second-ranked intellectual discipline. At MIT and Berkeley, it is embedded within electrical engineering departments despite these schools being ranked #1 in computer science by USNews. Very few finalists in the Intel Science Talent Search are computer science high school students.
  4. Enrollments are declining nationally anyway.

Who will suffer if this opinion prevails? Not the people who actually enter computer science - they will be in huge demand because all projections indicate there will be scarcity of computer scientists. Not the university computer science departments - they will morph or shrink into a comfortable space. Not the big computer companies - they will create engineering centers in Asia. That leaves the United States to suffer.

posted by Jim Morris @ 10:36 AM 


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